How Many Websites Do You Really Need? At Least Two!

Why You Need At Least Two Websites

Businesses should have two or more websites; one based on their business name, and a second (or more) website(s) named after their most profitable service or product.

When potential customers search for a local service or product on Google, they usually type the desired location, followed by the service or product needed.

How does this work
Let’s say you own Smith Auto Repair in St. Augustine, FL. Your name-branded website should be And your local search term website should be

With 2 website listings, this boosts your chances to acquire the customer searching for local auto repair.

You may be thinking, “That’s awesome – but I don’t have the time, skills, or money for another website.” Here’s where we can help.

First Coast Media will purchase the URL, host, develop, and update your new website with quality content, then lease it to you for as long as you want. All this for a fraction of the price of a complete new website and hosting.

Some websites are available for lease right now – starting at $299 $199 per month.

The website lease includes use of the URL, website, email, updates, hosting and timely redesigns. Please check them out below and contact us if you are interested. Don’t see the one you want? Give us a call anyway – we have over 1000 URLs to choose from currently, and we are constantly adding more.

Websites/URLs Currently Available For Lease
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Website As A Service

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Basic Site

$399 $ 199 / month
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  • Use of Domain Name
  • Two Email Addresses (500/mb each)
  • Basic SEO and Analytics
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