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Why You Should Use Social Media Marketing

Manage Your Brand
Social Media is where you will need to continually manage your brand and reputation.

If your business isn’t on social media – or hasn’t kept up with your Social Media accounts, then many customers will pass you on by.

Putting your best foot forward in a timely fashion – your great work, awesome employees, and community caring – is paramount in capturing customers, addressing their concerns, and supporting your good reputation.

Customer Relations

Some Social Media, such as Facebook, allow customers to rate your business (1-5 stars). They can also leave positive comments or complaints. Customers also tend to share negative experiences – amongst friends and the general public. Responding quickly and appropriately to online complaints is the best way to prevent the problem from snowballing.

Make Sales
Social Media can be used for non-paid or paid promotions that lead to sales. Some Social Media – such as Facebook – allows you to target and retarget your paid advertising to reach the exact audience you need to clinch those sales.

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