Acquire More Customers With A Local Website

Acquire More Customers With A Local Website

As a brick and mortar small business owner, your goal is acquire local customers; a locally named website can really help with that.

When potential customers search for your type of services on Google, they usually type their location, followed by the service needed, such as “St. Augustine auto repair.”

If your website address is, the search results will favor your site, making it more likely that your customers will click there and use your service.

Otherwise, your business will be grouped with other auto repair shops, and your chance of acquiring that customer is now divided by the number of shops listed for St. Augustine and beyond.

Businesses that already have a name-branded website will benefit greatly from having a second locally named website. And here’s why:

With 2 website listings, you double the opportunity of acquiring that customer.

The local website can have specific promotions that attract new customers, while your business branded website can cater to both old and new customers.

And finally, a local website can have co-branded content to support your brand and optimize your search engine results. Who wouldn’t want their business to be listed 1st and 2nd on a Google search results page?

You may be thinking, “That’s awesome – but I don’t have time, skill, or money for a new website.” Here’s where the good folks at First Coast Media can help.

First Coast Media will purchase, host, develop, and update your local site with quality content and lease it to you for as long as you want.

Can you just imagine – a website that would cost you thousands of dollars upfront – and you can lease it instead for a small fraction of the price?

For more information on leasing a local website for your business, please contact First Coast Media at The experts at First Coast Media have 20 years of experience helping business owners grow their customer base and increase profits through great websites.